Exactly. Larian says that all the changes they made to 5e rules are because they don't work on a video game. In order to balance BG3 they had to put in their homebrew rules.

But Solasta proves that 5e does work on a video game. They stayed very true to 5e rules and it works really well. All we're saying is that BG3 would benefit greatly by taking a few lessons from Solasta.

Shove, for example, is an Attack and therefore an Action. It should replace doing a melee or ranged attack because it is an unarmed attack. That makes sense. In Solasta, you can push someone away OR knock them prone. If you knock them prone, it is easier to hit that's target with other melee attacks. So there is MORE strategy options with these rules and they make more sense. I can either shove someone off a cliff or knock them prone so my allies can hit them easier.

In BG3, I can hit with a melee weapon AND shove someone off a cliff all on one turn. So essentially Larian is allowing characters to do 2 attacks in one turn. There is also not knock prone feature, thus limiting your strategy options.

This is just one example. There are so many more.

So let me ask you, why would Larian have to make Shove a Bonus instead of an Action to make it work well in a video game? Why would they have to remove the knock prone option as well to make it work with a video game? If Solasta can do it, and it works well, why not BG3? THAT is our argument.