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Im not. I even said I have now problem with them making it and optional system. Im just saying don't take away my TB to so so. The whole reason I love this game is it is TB, and there aren't enough TB games out there. I AM just speaking from my own personal experience, naturally. I absolutely abhor RTWP because, IMO, I think you can't take full advantage of all the abilities your characters have.

I just honestly don't see the appeal. Why do you all love spamming the pause all the time? How is that better? How do you not wind up with the same issues I always have with party members acting like idiots doing their own things instead of working well as a team?

Anyway, I even said I thought RTWP was possible for BG3. Do I want it. No, but it is possible. You can adapt 5e rules to fit. I would just not play BG3 anymore if they replaced TB with RTWP. The RTWP frustrates me just that much. They would turn my love for the game into hate real quick.
I wasn't talking about your personal preference for TB. In that part of what you previously said, which I quoted in my post, you clearly equate RTwP with hack and slash. You were effectively saying:
TB = tactical
RTwP = hack and slash

This is what I was calling out as being b.s.