Oh whatever, Man. It's my personal experience. In order to be tactical at all with RTWP I had to spam Pause constantly. So I find that with that system, I was pausing every 2 second to make sure my characters weren't doing something stupid. So, to me, RTWP is more hack and slash.

So, to me, TB = Tactical. I can check all my options, think about my moves, I have full control over each character and Im not relying on some computer script to control my characters. I get to see every spell cast. I can see who hits and who doesn't. I can see what attacks are working and what aren't. And Im not pausing every 2 second. Much less chaotic.

RTWP is hard to be strategic for ME anyway, because in order to see if someone is wasting their attacks and they aren't working, I have to Pause, read the combat dialogue, scroll through a lot of entries, find the specific attack and see, "My weapon has no effect." It takes MORE time to do this than TB.

I cant tell you how many times playing BG2 that I discovered Jaheira was pointlessly attacking some enemy and having no effect. I would hear her say it, and check the log to discover that for like 10 seconds now she was wasting her attacks. The weapon had no effect and I didn't catch it right away because too much is happening all at once.

So, again, all posts are of course from my experience. All Im saying is, Don't take away my TB.

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