So far from what I gathered they removed his death voice lines, cleric of kelemvor can't kill him (they hate undead), you can only punch him if he literally kills you and you get revived, you can only shoo him away if he tries to bite you instead of killing him. Why wouldn't he attack if he was rejected? Why wouldn't I defend myself? Hard to gauge how realistic Larian makes things. Regardless he one character I don't even want to deal with in any of my playthrough's. They jumped through alot of holes to make him a character and my lore knowledge isn't helping either. I'd rather avoid all that and just kill him.

Now recently I'm hearing Larian is low key removing attack options during some dialogue and making some characters mechanically immortal.

He definitely does not "just feed on animals", but that's spoiler territory so I won't comment on that.

I'm just putting my voice out there. You never know what devs are up to till release and then its too late.