I guess one reason I mentioned hack/slash games is that Larian has said from the beginning that this was a TB game. Trying to turn it into an RTWP game at this point is like turning a hack/slash game like Skyrim and turn it into TB.

You knew going into it that it was TB. I'm not upset about suggesting an option for RTWP, but please don't get upset if they don't.

Out here, we keep suggesting they add more and more Options in settings so everyone can play the game the way they want. That's fine and all. Im not saying don't suggest. I'm just saying don't get all cranky if they don't.

RTWP would be a huge overhaul too mechanics, it seems, so I would think it is something that would require a ton more work and space on my computer to do, and Im never going to use it. So yeah, I don't want them to do it even as an option. I'd rather more content.

So Im sorry of I'm unfriendly about it, but it does affect me a lot if they even decide to make it and option. It just means MORE space on my hard drive and they will take even more time to release more content.