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D&D is NOT about super heroes. It is about characters who start out barely better than amateurs who grow and learn and become more powerful as they gain experience. By the end of the story, that is when they do more incredible things. Not the beginning. Im the beginning, characters need to be more limited so that by the end they have some place to go.

Don't even called it D&D if you are going super hero route.

I mean I get what your saying, but lets be honest here. D&D characters are not "normal" people. Normal people can't cast fireballs, vanish, or have low level super strength. I think it is a little unfair to compare, or to insinuate, Larian is making a "superhero" game and basically tricking people into buying it by saying it is D&D.

As for D&D fans, they are like any other passionate fandom (Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkien etc) and if something doesn't match 100% to canon, they flip their sh&t and overreact. They would have been comparing this game to POE, KM, Solasta regardless. It is a human tendency to do so to justify their position or beliefs as being "correct". Seriously, this is no different than two people arguing whether or not Han shot first.