Oh. Now you're just being mean. Overreact? Come on.

What's your favorite game, story, etc.? Have someone come along and mess with its. See how quickly you get upset. I feel for Star Wars fans. I am one. I feel for Star Trek fans. I am one.

At is VERY upsetting when some outsider comes along and doesn't respect your franchise and takes it and runs with it ina direction you don't like. It's like sports people who invest a ton into their favorite team only to have some rich jerk from another city buy their team and completely revamp it or even just trade someone awesome to a whole different team. Of course they het upset.

But that is so not the point and you obviously do not really understand D&D at all. The idea is regular people put themselves into the roll of a fantasy character. Though they can do some incredible things that we cant do in Earth, the world and game are still supposed to simulate reality.

I mean, imagine Han Solo in Star Wars jumping thirty feet through the air while fighting Boba Fett. Anyone watching would be shocked and think how unbelievable it is. He is also a fantasy character, but people would be upset and think the movie was dumb if he did this because there is not valid explanation and it breaks the rules established in the story. Luke can do these things, but Han can't because of established rules.

Likewise, in Faerun, a d&d world, characters cannot jump 30 feet like super heroes, drop behind someone and attack. That is against established rules for this world.

So the point is, you don't take on someone else's story unless you understand the rules they established for their world. If you don't respect the established lore you disrespect the creators and the fan base.