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Where in my post did I go nuts? I am so sick of this snowflake attitude where someone posts a comment you don't like, and they are somehow being "passive agressive" and other BS. Seriously, if you see something "offensive" or "insulting" about a simple comment about fandoms being touchy about canon, than you really need to get thicker skin. Honestly, the only one that has resorted to insulting someone is you to me. Not to mention, more than likely I was playing D&D when you where riding your moms lap. I just don't project my need for recognition onto a video game that doesn't meet my expectations of what fantasy world I play in because *gasp* you can jump a little far......Is that passive aggressive enough for you.

There's so much wrong here but I'll let it go and grow a thicker skin. wink

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Wow. I am sorry if I upset you in any way. This is so not worth it. It is just a video game. Whether they follow the rules or not and they make it like all the characters are superheroes I'm still going to play the game.

Very true. I basically come here to offer my opinions and shoot the breeze to discuss where I'd like the game to go. Obviously, I'll still play BG3 since I bought it but at least for me, it won't have any longevity. I'll play it for the story once and that'll pretty much be it because some of the mechanics (chain grouping) is very annoying.

But back to the original point of this thread, 5e rules definitely can work and I have a hard time believing in good faith that Larian made a serious attempt to implement it. I'd say that's just me but there are others who seem to agree.