The game has SO much replayability it is sad to hear you may only play through once. I mean, I get the mechanics are a bit on need of some work, but there are so many story paths.

This is why I am out here trying to fight for cleaned up rules though. There are so many games out there that people can play that are more DOS-ish. I have literally been waiting for a good D&D TB game for a LONG time. Every stinking game has been RTWP or hack/slash or mmo... I haven't played a solid D&D TB game since Pool of Radiance.

Now I finally get one, and they don't do the rules right. THAT's why I get passionate about it. Besides Solasta and BG3, there aren't a whole lot of them. I really want some good old fashioned D&D played the way D&D has always been played. One round at a time.

And frankly, from a story perspective and delivery, Larian is the better DM.

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