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I never played 4e. What are some mechanics that you would like to see implemented?

several of the 3.5 features carried over, point buy going up to 18 and starting out as 8/10/10/10/10/10, standard was 22 points.
saves are fort, reflex, and will.
Ability checks were d20+one-half your level+ability mod+whatever else.
you got at will (cantrips), encounter, utility, and daily spells/abilities
got feats while leveling up 1st, 2nd, 4th, etc usually every other level.
paragon path at 11 (prestige class)
low-light vision was still a thing
some races got encounter powers

example racials, human: +2 to one ability, know one extra at-will from class, bonus feat, additional skill from class, +1 to saves.

skills were: acrobatics, arcana, athletics, bluff, diplomacy, dungeoneering, endurance, heal, history, insight, intimidate, nature, perception, religion, stealth, streetwise, and thievery.

actions were standard, move, minor, and free

opportunity action interrupts a action that triggers it

immediate action: (commonly readied action) interrupt or reaction, interrupt lets you react when the trigger condition arises acting before its resolved while reaction in response is after. (funny thing this is what confused me when i had a few convos on the forums 4e reaction means after, like you react to a situation not interrupt it).

I don't really know modding it'll be my first attempt so I guess the skills probably would be the easiest to start off on. I do want to break down actions as how they were in 4e though with interrupt and reaction. 5e with just reaction didn't make much sense.

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If they chose to do a 5e/4e blend that would have been well received. Even though 4e wasn't as popular as other editions, it still had some great ideas.

My players have always enjoyed 4e inspired homebrew.

Would of loved to see stuff carried over or mixed in for sure.

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