Hack and Slash is a completely different Genera from real time with pause i will agree with kanisatha on that it is not the same genera. Most MMO games are hack and slash mechanics or games like Dragon Age Inquisition.

Real time with pause is in alot of ways similar to turn based in that your basically removing the turn to turn controls for the fight. You are presetting your actions and pausing to change them.

I dont agree that it is adapted well in most cases to over right turn based games however its just taking away alot of the stream line elements of turnbased to make combat smoother in order to take turns faster. Total War: Warhammer 2 does this well but the game was also built with the core principle of this in mind.

Having seen combat in both real time with pause and Turn based for pathfinder: WOTR i do think the turn based combat is better done than the real time with pause though its functional having watched both versions streamed I personally felt like the real time with pause was lack luster if you actually enjoy the combat aspect of the game at all it looks / Feels like you lose something watching it in real time with pause the only stream of it I have been able to stomach is streamed in turn based mode and I felt was much better done.

When a game is designed to run in a real time with pause mode it can be better but I feel like the adaptation of a real time with pause to a multicharacter game leaves something to be desired your streamlining the actual combat / mechanics of the game basically taking away from the actual game play and tactical elements just to plow through the story or in an attempt to make it more hack and slash esq while its not really hack and slash in the case of doing this instead of keeping the turnbased elements takes away from the gameplay itself the reason people want to play turn based games at there core.

Xcom for example if you took away the turn based elements I probably would not play it similar with Necromunda, and I probably would not have bothered at all to buy balders gate 3 if it wasnt turn based. Its the entire reason I took interest in it. Solasta while it had me interested and they are doing good things the lack of character classes / Core elements pushed me off getting the game. The elements they do have are great the simple fact they said hey we will only have 7/12 classes undersold me. However if they had 12/12 classes i would be just as interested in playing both. Though I do think balders gates character design and elements are superior they still need more character customization and turnbased play rank in the biggest pluses to to the game. Cinamatics are nice but come as a seconadary to me. But im sure they do matter more to other people.

Turn Based vs real time with pause while I see no problem with them implimenting them as an optional downloadable patch for people after live re-lease. I personally would not play the game if it was only real time with pause at all I would have never bought it at all and until the full turn based system is finished real time with pause should not be considered. I am personally glad larion has chosen to go that route sticking to there guns instead of just caving because some people would perfer real time with pause.

Not that I do not think hey that element shouldnt be an OPTIONAL download down the road if you want to download it as a secondary DLC package but I would not want to be forced to have it installed chewing up additional resources potentially impacting some peoples options to play the game as it would effect minimum system requirements to run smoothly. It was advertised as a turn based game based on a turn based game. Turn based comes first if you dont like it IMO you should be looking for game designed for real time with pause instead of a game that was advertised as turn based adaptation of turn based mechanics plain and simple. If you want real time with pause saying it would be a cool edition to the game is good. But also in the understanding that you are probably going to be waiting well over a year for them to look at implimenting a real time with pause option if at all. Which I would not cross my fingers based on the interview where they stated they had no intentions of implimenting a real time with pause system.

I would still hope they offer it to you as an option however not until after the core game has been released and again I would be expecting to wait at least a year to see it. I dont think it would be a good idea however unless it was optional DLC content. Due to resources.

@GM4him it would be an ok option if it was optional DLC for people who do perfer it done as a seperate DLC content package option it would not effect resources as long as they did it purely optional.

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