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Still, it takes an awkward amount of effort to pull off something that so systematically neuters the base mechanics so much, that prior knowledge of DOS mechanics would generally serve you far better than prior knowledge of the DnD mechanics in BG3.

100% intentional. Their goal as a company is not to alienate a large part of their base, which are DOS1 and DOS2 players that have either 0 or a tenuous grasp of 5e. Those block of players do not care for the RNG dice fest, the seemingly excessive chances to miss, and the other resource and rest restrictions that come with 5e.

Why do you think that:

Larian initially only had 1 short rest? The intent with the story and the way the Origins work is predicated on long resting. They do not want players to end up chasing the Hag with 2 spell slots remaining and limited healing. DOS1 and DOS2 do not have a spell slot mechanic.

The free advantage and loaded dice minimizes the risk of missing greatly. The high ground importance is carried over from DOS2, wherein high ground provided extra range and extra damage. DOS2 players know to prioritize high ground in every fight.

RNG skill checks have been de-emphasized with the overabundance over Inspiration Points and now loaded dice. There are so many Inspiration Points in EA alone that, even with loaded dice, you will not come close to exhausting all of them if your main character has decent Charisma.

The game is literally not-so-subtly veiled to be as accommodating to returning DOS1&2 players as ostensibly possible, while also adhering to WOTC 5e demands to the satisfaction of them.

Larian would probably be forced to listen if BG3 were to suddenly gain a reputation as a game with impressive visuals, but with a combat system that people can meme in a really reductionist but accurate way - the three major solutions of high ground, backstab, barrelmancy.

Doubtful. Larian game developers are quirky and encourage these sorts of things. These are the things they want to showcase on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. These behaviors are encouraged by Larian from other games, not deterred.

Barrels, excessive surfaces, explosions, the overhyped interactive environment are all considered byproducts of the Larian sandbox that equates to THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. If you kill a named boss with setting up and luring it until a chain explosion, even if it breaks immersion that they would not notice you planting 20 barrels and pre-positioning before engagement, that is what they want to showcase.

The stealth/sneaking operates almost identical to DOS1&2 and can be abused in-combat and out-of-combat for infinite resources. Gold, money, and the price of rare/expensive items never has much importance in a Larian game.

If you know how to exploit the system, you can have infinite gold as long as you abuse the vendors every refresh. You can afford the best items early, which also makes difficulty and complexity trivial.

In DOS2, at least you were somewhat limited from wearing a more powerful item as early because you may not have the base stat requirement. And if the weapon exceeded your level, then your miss chance was much higher.

No such thing in BG3. If I can exploit the vendors or flat-out cheese stealth and steal rare equips at level 2, I am free to wear them. To Larian, that is innovation and applauded.

I almost wonder if bonus action shove and jump actually only exist as an over correction to high ground/low ground advantage/disadvantage. When you really think about it, almost all of the game’s questionable design can be traced back to that very mechanic.

Jump/Shove, etc. exist because Larian does not want you to be strictly confined to 1 action a turn. DOS2 was a base of 4 Action Points (2 full actions for the most part) with many ways to get more.

Larian placed those as bonus actions because it is pseudo 2 actions, especially when you shove enemies off high ground. Not to mention they have placed so many haste potion and flasks around, again, to ensure you can do more than one thing a turn.