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They also need to add +2 cover AC against ranged attacks for enemies engaged in melee combat, and decouple jump and disengage, make them cost an action, and provoke AOO, and implement push as per 5e rules instead of their hulk push.


This is all wishful thinking though, I doubt Larian is backtracking from their insistence on including DOS mechanics in BG3 as much as possible.

I mean, those should be considered too, but I kept my list small because what I listed outside of reactions/ready actions should be trivial changes. Cover mechanics are clearly a step above, and I've accepted at this point that de-coupling jump/disengage is simply not going to happen unless backstab advantage and high ground advantage/low ground disadvantage are dealt with first - as they are clearly the very reason why jump/disengage even exists to begin with. Stamp them down first, and jump/disengage suddenly becomes far less abusable due to the removal of most incentive to use them offensively rather than defensively.

Jump and disengage is not only a problem related to backstab and/or highground.

Disengage as a bonus action mean that melee ennemies never have a proper zone of control and they NEVER deal any AOO. Being engaged in BG3 just mean absolutely nothing.
It reduce a lot the depth of melee combats, the value of having a good position not to be engaged, the value of our own melee characters (control the battleflield, intercept ennemies) and the consequences of being engaged.

It is definitely as OP offensively than defensively.
It also create one more issue to the game's balance because we can deal a lot of additionnal damages to our ennemies with AOO... which is something they won't ever do.

On the other hand why shouldn't we jump as a bonus action or a part of our movement ?

+1 for your list. These are also my top priorities but jump and disengage are as high on the list.

A Push action a bit more balanced could also become very interresting tactically speaking but I guess it's something else I could choose not to use...
Having not to use the base games mechanics because they're too powerfull is something I never saw in any tactical games except this one.

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