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[quote=Grudgebearer]They also need to add +2 cover AC against ranged attacks for enemies engaged in melee combat, and decouple jump and disengage, make them cost an action, and provoke AOO, and implement push as per 5e rules instead of their hulk push.


This is all wishful thinking though, I doubt Larian is backtracking from their insistence on including


to the removal of most incentive to use them offensively rather than defensively.

I personally think +2/-2 on high ground is too much too. In high ground you can move out of line of sight most of the time to not even be seen. But maybe that would be more applicable in higher difficulties, or add +2 AC to all creature in high difficulty to negate that bonus that way.

I'm of the opinion that high ground shouldn't impart any bonus; getting higher up doesn't make a person more accurate with a ranged weapon. If they implemented +2 ranged cover for melee engaged target, I'd be ok with a homebrew rule change to negate the +2 if one had high ground advantage, but otherwise nothing.