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Really would like to see more sharper/slender/angular features for the elves in BG3. Also otherwordly almond shaped eyes! Hopefully this is addressed in some ways before the full release. As of now they just look like regular humans with pointy ears in my opinion. Doesn't look like elves at all for me.

Looking forward to getting this game!

No really, I think the elves are fine. I despise the "jackass" ear elves like in DOS and Warcraft. I am actually really fine with the elves looking more Tolkien (I know, blasphemy right)..

You are entitled to your opinion, but that does not change the fact that the elves in Forgotten Realms have a specific appearance and, although this changes slightly with each edition of the books, they have retained most of their characteristics. After years of playing D&D in this setting and reading the novels, most of us are really invested in the universe and want it to be represented correctly.