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Lol. I was really just trying to say that it is definitely not a board game because it can be played completely without a board. I know you can play with a board, but it is totally not dependent upon a board.


So Solasta DM is more like a board game. Larian DM is more like a choose your own adventure DM who isn't so much about the board.

But there is a board. The visuals of the game is board and that is why it is ridiculous to see jump to backstab. So the latter if your example does not work in a game like this. If this was a text game, sure it would work.
If you took the board away from monopoly, could you still play? Checkers or chess? D&D isn't sold with a board, it's optional. If I go to barnes & nobles, I could get one of the books by it self. Are you going to ever buy checkers with no board?

I really shouldn't have to type that.