The amount of resting is not realy a thing in a lot of games.

Short and long rests are not an issue at all when there is no time pressure.
Game story implies that there is some kind of pressure in early game until we find out that the tadpoles seem to be asleep.

In pathfinder kingmaker the constant time pressure was a bit annoying, when you tried to do all the sidequests and build up the kingdom.
The thing in kingmaker was that the time pressure did not stop. Every single chapter in the game triggered another main questling with time limit. I would have loved to build up a prospering kingdom, but due to constant time limits this aspect of the game had to be ignored up to some degree.

Time limits are a thing hard to do right. Having them only story driven will result in some logic gap at some moment. Nagging around companions is (in my opinion) propably the easiest way to have some kind of "pressure" until the party realizes that the change to mindflayers seems to be paused.