But the time pressure is more than the tadpole. That's my point. You should have some sort of something happening in regards to using too many Long Rests because:

1. Goblins know, now, where the Grove is and are planning to destroy it any day now. Aradin led them to it.

2. They Druids are doing a ritual to seal off the Grove, and what ritual would realistically take more than a few days?

3. Gith were seen on the Risen Road. Are they just gonna wait there for you to show up? Lae'zel would probably not let you dawdle because she is anxious to be cleansed by her down people.

4. Wyll REALLY wants to get revenge on Spike.

5. Gale has his other ticking time bomb condition.

6. Astarion wants desperately to remain free, so he really wants to find a way to control the parasites.

7. Shadowheart has her own Share quest she desperately wants to complete.

8. Oh, and yeah, you have a TADPOLE in your brain and even after they tell you it is dormant MANY people tell you that you could still start turning any day.

Story-wise, the game as 100% time sensitive. Over and over again they tell you that it is, but then the DM is like, "Nah nah. Don't worry about it. Long rest a lot so you can get all the cutscenes and character development. I know I said through all the gamr elements that you really have now time at all to do anything, but you do. Everything will wait for you until you eventually get to it."

But see, that's why I was proposing that they make it time sensitive in a way that isn't Game Over. The time sensitive solution I'm offering isn't a penalty to players but more like taking different pathways to the same basic conclusion depending on how much you use Long Rest.