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Economy of actions is another argument, some points of which I agree on, e. g. healing with food. But this is different from the superheroes vs. realism. I don't play pnp, only the BG series of games. Just like jumping over someone stands out for you as inconsistencies in rules, the differences between who can be a wizard in BG1/2 and BG3 stand out for me.

I'd like to see some of the rules in BG3 changed, but not because they don't match Solasta/pnp, but because of how they impact combat as a whole. For example, one of the reasons why I'm not interested Solasta is that - at least to what info I could find on forums - you cannot play a solo character and have to create a party of four at least. I don't know if that is a pnp rule, but I'd not like to see this in BG3.

So you prefer if races and classes were restricted like in the old BG series since they were based on 2e? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you are arguing since each edition radically changed the gameplay, why argue about Larian not following 5e?

It is true you cannot solo Solasta. It’s been something I brought up as well. The devs never answered but it could be limited budget or the devs just balanced everything around a party of four. I don’t know but yes, I agree it should be changed. Solasta is far from perfect but it certainly did a better job translating 5e into a video game.