Dude. It is already TB. It is not RTWP. To change it to RTWP at this point is to completely overhaul the game. Besides that, it will upset a lot of players. Myself included. Again, you will literally turn a rather addicted player and customer into one who hates the game and throws it out the window forever if you make it RTWP and take away TB.

And again, this game is huge already. To expect them to now revamp the entire combat system and make it RTWP is like taking Skyrim and making it Turn Based. You can't expect them to do that, AND it will make the game even bigger if they make it an Option for players to do RTWP.

The two gameplay styles are totally different. The rules are different. To go to RTWP at this point you have to assign each type of weapon and action a certain second count. You'd have to make it so that you tell all characters what to do, and they'd have to remember what you tell them so that once you unpause they do what you tell them. You have to revamp the AI. You have to write a ton of scripts so that each character can be assigned different scripts that a player can then assign those characters. There is SO much that goes into RTWP.

Again, doing this change is like taking a FPS and turning into a Turn Based Game. It's a completely different gameplay design and mechanics. Can it be done? Yes. But at this point it is like you are asking them to switch the entire game from one thing to another with the flip of a switch.

I'm sorry if I seem upset, but it just seems rude to me to come into a particular game and say, "You need to revamp the entire game mechanics and gameplay because I don't like it and because the game's predecessors were something else." Do people do this for other games? Did the creators of Neverwinter Nights 2 get hounded and such to make it Turn Based? Did the creators of Xcom get people contacting them and demand that they turn it into RTWP? Maybe I'm just not familiar with people giving their feedback on games like this. Maybe they do that. I just think it's crazy that you guys are all out here telling Larian that they need to make BG3 RTWP when they've clearly communicated TB from the beginning and it's already built as TB.

Again, if they do this as a DLC and it doesn't affect me, then never mind and I don't care. But don't be taking away my Turn Based Baldur's Gate 3 and replace it with RTWP when from the very beginning they told everyone that it was a TB game. Again, you all knew going into it that it would be TB. It's all over the place that this game was TB. If you don't like TB, why would you even buy the game?

I will fight you tooth and nail to keep it. I'll start a petition to keep TB. I'll call up Swen myself if I have to and beg him on hands and knees to keep it. lol. Don't take away my TB. I have very few precious games like it already, and I've been wanting a TB D&D game for over 20 years.