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Changes are fine, but I'd prefer if they were incorporated into storytelling. The original argument was that BG3 is about playing superheroes and that it is not realistic unlike pnp. But in that context my question is how does pnp deal with the rule changes? For example if dwarves in Dragon Age would suddenly be able to become mages in the next installment of the series, but there would be no explanation whatever, it would be just weird.

WotC just dismisses it and waves their hands. They just expect each individual table to decide or they just retcon it. WotC did try to explain the transition from 3.5e to 4e and back to 5e with a bunch of catastrophes to the world but again, it wasn’t implemented for moving the story. It was to change the gameplay.

4e was a fairly radical change to D&D as a game system and it seemed to model itself more to video games and MMOs. If it was a success, it would have translated very well to computer games. WotC incorporated a big change in Faerun at the time to match the gameplay and a lot of players hated it.

So they kinda backtracked with 5e, including the setting. 100 years have passed but it’s pretty much the same vibe as the 3.5e era.

I mentioned superheroes because that’s the trend I’m seeing in entertainment. I think Larian is following that trend. I call them the Michael Bay of video game developers because of it. They like flash. They like big dramatic scenes and explosions. They don’t seem to care if it really makes any sense in the setting.

5e is more grounded to earth than they like so they went with DOS system and added 5e rules on top of it.