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But my suggestion allows players to explore every nook and cranny. After you save Halsin, or whatever, if you still have quests to do then you can do them before moving in.

Again, my whole point is long resting heals completely. So of they don't do something about allowing players the ability to long rest after every battle, potions and short rests are meaningless. Just take oit short rests altogether, and you only need maybe a few potions at most. Forget food altogether too.

Time sensitive events dont need to be so absolute and drive players to chuck side quests. They can be used as a tool to make the game more enjoyable and repayable.

Actually yours feels like it creates hard time limits on everything, and on reading it I immediately imagined a route I would have to do to be able to do everything the game is offering. And the enjoyable part is subjective cause some people likely will despise those limits and you'd find one of the most popular mods would be "remove quest timers". Under your suggestion players have 2 days to resolve one of the biggest conflicts for example, that means you have to avoid nearly every fight in between finding the note and dealing with the shadow druids to get the Karlach redeemed ending. That to say the least is difficult and honestly way too little. With the events you set, there would be no redeeming her cause she'd meet the druids before the ritual is done, and now she is set on her path.

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