For me, wanting no time limits has nothing to do with managing resources, as I tend to be pretty strict with them (and unsympathetic to my spellcasters) anyway.

But if I see something interesting, I want to be able to investigate it at that time, not try to remember to come back later after a timed quest is over. I ended up exploring all of the Underdark before rescuing Halsin on my first play through because I got side-tracked when I was exploring the goblin priestess' quarters. I loved that I could do that. I like the flexibility that no time limits offers. It allows me to truly get lost in the world and not miss anything.

I do agree that a dynamic world where people change what they're doing as you come and go could be interesting in some ways, but I hate feeling like I'm missing out on something. I have mixed feelings about that. I rarely play a game of this scope more than once, so it would have to be interesting enough to redo all the non-dynamic parts over. However, that could also tie in with giving the player greater flexibility in overcoming obstacles. So even if you do encounter some of the same obstacles the second time around you can get around them in very different ways. But, maybe I'm getting too off track here, as this started about camping and resting.

Regardless, I think everyone would agree that the companion interaction timing with resting issues need to be resolved. wink