@Miandra and CJMPinger.

You seem to still be missing the entire concept of what I'm saying.

I'm not suggesting that players only have 2 Long Rests to complete ANY quest. The game already suggests that you should only have that. It should not take any ritual more than a few days to complete. So the story itself is already setting everything up as being on a time table.

So, the story is already telling players that they:

1. Have 7 days to get cured, and that's 7 days after they escape the nautiloid. Yes. They find out that's not necessarily true, but you still think it's true to begin with. So the story is telling you that you have a time limit.
2. Have MAYBE 2 days before the ritual is completed to stop it.
3. Have MAYBE a week at best before the goblins return and destroy the grove.
4. Have MAYBE a day or two to get to the Gith before they might not be there anymore.

So the story is putting time limits on players. I'm not suggesting that they put these same time limits on players. What I'm saying is that the game gives us explanations and story pathways to explain WHY these limits aren't taking place when they logically should be taking place according to the story.

So let's just take the ritual as an example. Since we would expect, based on the story, that the ritual should probably be concluded in 2 days-ish...because we don't REALLY know when it is going to end... if I Long Rest 2 times, SOMETHING should happen to explain why the Druid Ritual is not concluded yet.

So, let me make sure I'm clear here, because I am often not clear, so I'm not saying anything against anyone else, but I'm just wanting to make sure I'm clear because it's a problem I have. I am NOT putting a time limit on the game. I am merely putting a time sensitive event onto the game to explain why I DON'T have a time limit on the game. The story puts the time limit on the game already, but I'm suggesting that we have a time sensitive event to explain why that story time limit isn't happening.

So, again, just the Druid Ritual situation. What I'm suggesting is that instead of meeting Arabella and her parents when we first arrive at the grove, after 2 days, rescuing Arabella becomes a time sensitive event that occurs. We could even be introduced to Arabella and her parents when we first arrive, but maybe we're just talking to them and getting to know them. Then after the 2 Long Rests, 2 days have gone by, the parents come to my camp when I wake up the next morning, and they tell me that Arabella is in trouble. She stole the idol and interrupted the ritual. Now a bunch of angry druids who hate them are going to judge whether she lives or dies. Now you have a choice, the same choice you had before, mind you, whether you are going to help Arabella or not. If not, it doesn't matter in terms of the entire plot of the entire side quest. Arabella still disrupted the ritual. It's starting all over again, so you're good. You just keep going on with whatever you were doing before.

So, you can explore the entire map, ignore the ritual, etc. for days upon days.

But, again, if you take an obscene number of Long Rests, then yes. Eventually, Larian is going to run out of ideas on how to make it plausible that you didn't do something to stop the Druids from sealing the grove. But they SHOULD do something like that. Why?

Because if you have infinite Long Rests, like you do now, there is nothing to stop players from Long Resting after every battle and gaining back all their health and spell slots. Thus, potions, food, and especially short rests are completely and utterly useless except for emergency healing purposes during really tough combat situations. If you have a really good cleric in your group, even Shadowheart, you don't even really need that.

But I'm talking an obscene number of Long Rests. Naturally, I'm not suggesting that Larian try to force players to rush through the game and not explore everything. I want to explore the entire map too; every little detail and trigger every little dialogue and so forth. But like mrfuji3 said, you can do this by managing your items well and not long resting so much. The game right now gives you a million potions, food, etc. that you can use to heal and recover. They give you lots of magic scrolls so that if you have run out, you can use a scroll.

Right now, I hardly EVER use scrolls for spells, and I sell most of my potions and ALL food, because food is so heavy, doesn't heal much, it's unrealistic to use during combat for healing, and it's senseless. I keep a few healing potions on hand for each character just in case a big boss like the spider queen wails on a character, and I Long Rest infinitely after every battle so that I fully recover. I never need Short Rests at all. Why? Because why Short Rest and just get back a few HP when I can Long Rest without restraint and get back all HP and spell slots?

So NOT limiting Long Resting in some way, makes all these other things pointless and stupid. Why even have to pick up all the senseless junk the game gives you if you're just going to sell it all anyway and not use any of it? Why not just give the player's character money instead of useless junk to micromanage in the inventory? But then, what do you need money for if you aren't going to spend it on items that you will need for your adventure? And what else is there to buy right now but potions, scrolls, etc.? Oh sure, you can get some armor +1 and weapons +1. Yep. That's nice, but that's not very fun or diverse. No. A person should be spending their money on buying potions because they need them to get through the game AND weapons +1 and armor +1 and scrolls and so forth because the entire point is that you need to have said items in order to complete your quests. If you don't need those items to complete your quests than why have them in the game at all?

But, again, I'm not saying that Larian should put hard limits on anything. What I'm suggesting is that they make things happen when you use Long Rests too much. So, with the ritual, after 2 days, Arabella steals the idol. After another 2 days, maybe goblins attack the Grove, causing the Druids to stop their ritual to help defend it. After another 2 days, maybe Rath does something like disobeys Kahga and stops the ritual. This could even be a new side quest for players. Rath disobyes Kahga and she has him locked up. Now you can sneak in and free Rath from the cell. Then he'll help you find a way to dethrone Kahga.

THAT'S the kinds of things I'm talking about. Larian could even implement new and fun side quests because you took more Long Rests. Maybe if you take too long, Lae'zel leaves to go to the Gith herself. Later, as you are exploring, you find her down by the river bleeding to death. Just as you arrive, the Gith have found her. "My kin are trying to kill me. This is all your fault. You will now assist me in recovering so that I can take their heads and lay them at Vlaakith's feet." Then you can take her back in the party or leave her. Your choice.

Or maybe Wyll leaves your group because you Long Rested too much. But then you find him amidst a bunch of gobbos. They are taunting and mocking him, like with the gnome guy. So you now have to rescue Wyll. A new side quest and story element because you Long Rested more than it makes sense to in the story.

So, again, not hard limits. Not game over if you don't stop the ritual in 2 days. Not killing off all the tieflings in a week if you don't kill the gobbos. Just story elements getting triggered and maybe even providing new side quests and events and such because you did take too many Long Rests.

This solves a lot of issues. If you use too many Long Rests, negative things happen. Arabella gets arrested and you have to rescue her. Then some Tieflings die because gobbos attacked the grove. Maybe Larian could even make this an optional side quest too where you help defend the grove from an initial attack. Then Rath is captured and locked up. Negative consequences that can actually even create more fun side quests, but the point is that they are consequences for not using your items and short rests more wisely and spamming Long Rest. If you don't use too many Long Rests, and you use your items and short rests wisely instead of spamming Long Rest, then you are able to prevent Arabella from getting arrested, Tieflings from dying and Rath getting locked up. Maybe Larian could even reward players who do use less Long Rests because they succeeded in using their other items and short rests more wisely. Those who actually manage to do certain tasks in the time frame that is originally laid out get an extra magic item or something because they DIDN'T spam Long Rest. That way if you don't spam Long Rests, you don't feel penalized but you feel rewarded, because the whole point in giving potions and such is that you should use them. If no one ever gets rewarded for using potions and such instead of Long Rests, then Long Rest away because there is no reward for not Long Resting and there's no penalty for Long Resting.

See what I'm saying?