I don’t know if this would be even possible or if anyone else thought of this idea first but i thought i should throw this suggestion out there to see what anyone else thinks about it.

What if short rests were mandatory before taking a long rest as to put more importance on short rests, however the caveat would be that you now can get all level 1 spell slots back after a short rest, so that way you can keep going through dungeons with at least a minimal amount of utility and power without taking away the importance of high level spells and abilities?
I believe this would make the resting problem disappear yet still have the dnd vibe people crave for. This would also buff cleric and other somewhat lackluster spellcasters as they would no longer feel as though they have to go through the whole camp scene just to be able to fight on even terms (damage wise) with melee combatants. And cantrips would be less spammy turn wasters and more of a last resort to finish off an enemy who just barely lived your best spells. It would also allow more freedom in choosing between healing or damage, as it currently stands healing feels like a waste if your party isn’t near/already dead!! And if the changes make the game too easy for some of the more hardcore dnd players out there you could add the OPTION of no long rests in hostile areas without clearing out the enemies first!