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I just feel like DOS fans are trying to turn a D&D game into DOS instead of just accepting a game for what it is. Let D&D be D&D and let DOS be DOS

Can people stop alienating people who like DOS??? I like DOS but i dont think this game should be like DOS AT all. DOS setting does not fit this game because it is a completely different beast. I have talked about this before DOS surfaces dont fit because you cant fly everywhere or have magic armor anymore.

This also does not mean that DOS is bad. I think DOS is a very creative game. I especially liked how elements can create different types of surfaces damages and etc. It just wont work in this game. It already has a balanced combat in other ways already. Ofcourse adding creative things to 5e rules is okay but as people said, they built 5e rules on top of DOS not the other way around.

You could add to 5e rules that you do slightly higher damage in high ground because you spend resources to get on top to gain some advantage. Or +2/-2 advantage people are talking about(imo this should be 0/-1). They also wanted to give high grounds to people easily by giving jump mechanic which acts like Phoenix dive for example. You dont get hit by attack of opportunity and gives you quite distance. Obviously not as much as phoenix dive, but you get my point. If they did jump as a move bonus that cant be used near enemies, maybe to skip some hard terrain and get some elevation. People wouldn't be super upset about it.