Sven did an interview like a month ago and said they had zero intentions at this time of making the game real time with pause dispite that it may upset some people it was not in the plans to do so currently.

Does that mean they wont patch it down the road with a dlc to have it as an option no but there is zero intention to have it included with base game so the debate is more or less answered.

After full release it may come up as a subject much like with pathfinder kingmaker to allow an optional download once the main content as an option to real time with pause but dont be suprised if it requires an I9 with 32 gigs of ram+ or something similar to run it in real time with pause the mechanics and requirements it handle those actions are completely different than the mechanics to run this WOTR chews up far more resources on my machine than this does and thats not even running the real time with pause feature on it. Just by it being there it chews up 4x the resources balders gate 3 does. On similar settings.