Agree. Agree. Agree.

1. Jump decoupled with Disengage for sure. I can't tell you how many times I clicked Jump to disengage, my character moves a smidge to get in position to jump, and gets AOO'd. We absolutely need the two decoupled.

2. Jump actually should be a move actions so that you can Disengage as an action, run and jumps to a location if necessary all on one move. I think jump should be an auto-feature. You pick where you want to go and if a jump is necessary the character just makes the jump.

3. Jump should be based on Athletics or Acrobatics. If the character has to make a difficult jump, a roll should be made. If failed, character fails prone and suffers fall damage.

I also think it'd be cool to see and animation difference between a character who uses Athletics for jump versus Acrobatics. If Athletics is higher, use current jump animation. If Acrobatics, show the character flip or something instead, maybe even a somersault and then flip, or something more acrobatic.

And distance really needs to be more believable. Flipping minotaurs jumping 90 feet across the screen is unbelievable. I don't think jump distances are right. Again, I think we need 5e more closely implemented here.