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There's a fairly active Mega-thread about camping and resting here if you wanted to suggest your idea there https://forums.larian.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=752528

While some people have suggested making short rests mandatory, I don't think anyone in that thread has thought of your "1st-level spells restore after short rest" idea. I don't particularly like it, as it seems like a band-aid fix that also significantly changes how spellcasters work. These types of fixes are the sources of a lot of the issues with BG3. But I also don't hate it; it's a compromise between unlimited resting and 5e restrictions on resting.

The former aspect would require untying camp cutscenes from long rests, but that should be done anyway. I'm not sure how frustrating it'd be to need to short rest twice before long resting though...
I agree it would definitely change spellcasters, but i think overall they would still have the same relative strength but would allow more flexibility and utility in a fight. I personally don’t like wizards and stuff due to 2 reasons, one would be that they are usually hard targeted by the AI of the game (which i think the developers know and will probably fix), and the second reason is because they require all lot of micromanaging and resting to recover which heavily hinders their utility (part of which makes the cantrips in the game your only constant source of dps), it also makes healing way more important in a party as you don’t feel like you should only heal if someone is in dire need otherwise your wasting your spell slots which could’ve been used for more important burst damage against tough enemies and bosses.
I agree with you about the healing. Healing is already pretty weak in 5e: basically the only time it's worth expending a spell slot is for Healing Word on an unconscious party member. Allowing casters to feel more free to cast healing spells without worry about wasting slots isn't a bad idea.

This would also enable casters to be more liberal with the cool but risky level 1 spells such as Command. RAW I'd almost never use this spell, because if the enemy passes their ST I lose both a turn and a valuable spell slot.