I saw this thread and decided to give Solasta a try. I'm not an expert Baldur's Gate 3 player by any definition. I clocked about 4 hours of gameplay back when it launched, got annoyed with how the combat felt, left some feedback and then just promptly forgot about the game. I tried playing it again recently, but it doesn't feel like dungeons and dragons so I just quit again. I then resolved to just wait until release.

After installing and playing Solasta, I gotta say I'm now even less enthusiastic about BG3 (and I wasn't that enthusiastic to begin with). I honestly have no idea what the BG3 devs could have possibly been referring to when they said they made changes to core systems that didn't translate well to video games. I played Solasta for a few hours in a single sitting and it plays just fine. The combat is decently challenging, resource management between long rests seems balanced so far.

Don't get me wrong though. When BG3 comes out, I'll certainly start a multiplayer game with friends and have a good time. But this thread helped me find the D&D fix I was looking for, and it's a shame that it doesn't actually come from Baldur's Gate.