I had started a new playthrough of Solasta 2 days ago.

This game is incredible and the devs did an amazing job during the EA. I hadn't played for a few monthes and it's really cool.
The items are perfectly well balanced,the difficulty is just what I need, there a TONS of meaningfull possibilities to deal with combats (well, it's D&D! creativity and so on...), hide really matter, concentration spell works, ressources management and the rest system is perfect and give us things to think about, etc, etc, etc...

This is a real and deep tactical turn base game as we can expect from a D&D game.

On the other hand I have to agree with Larian : missing can be an issue.
I had no problem yesterday but tonight it was really boring and combats sometimes last 3 more rounds just because everyone missed the 2 last ennemies (party of 6 with 2 companions!)

I totally agree that Baldur's Gate 3 has to deal with the D20.
It's not that easy to have an advantage in Solasta and that's really cool but to be honnest I was bored more than once.

Of course Larian's answer is the worst they could have had with this stupid easy advantage mechanic but if I have 2 (3) complaints about Solasta :

- The flow of combats when you're in a hell miss cycle is terrible. It doesn't happen often, but it happen (and I rolled 25 times for each characters to have good abilities^^)
- The animations are too slow - 2 seconds before he climb, 2 sec before he jump, 2 sec before he open the chest,...
(- The party of 4. It's definitely not enough to enjoy all the classes and subclasses)

I have the feeling that both combats and exploration could be a bit faster and I'm glad Larian is trying to improve this... Even if at the moment it doesn't work at all and create a lot of issues.

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