You know, I can not only respect that, but I get it. Taking a step back, if you aren't familiar with D&D, and you are only familiar with other fantasy RPG's, D&D will totally seem too limited and such. I'm used to all sorts of RPG's. I've grown up on them, so for me, D&D is still probably the best RPG ruleset out there. I've played Star Wars from West End Games, Lord of the Rings from Decipher, Star Wars from WOTC, Star Wars from Fantasy Flights, Legend of the Five Rings from Fantasy Flights, Battletech, Mechwarrior...I've played lots of tabeltop miniature battles games, and so forth. So I'm used to all this stuff, and seeing Larian not put the rules of 5e in place more accurately is driving me crazy because I'm playing 5e now with others, and I find it more fun than past D&D rulesets. I like that wizards have Cantrips now, for example, that they can use without limit. It used to be that you only had a certain number of Cantrip spellslots too in order versions. I like that they simplified a lot of things so that I don't have to memorize all sorts of feats and abilities to make sure that I use them and play my characters correctly.

But thinking about other fantasy RPG's, even games like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 1 and 2, wizards and clerics spam spells, even having Mana Points that they use to be able to cast them. They can drink Mana Potions to regenerate their spells, and so forth, so that they can keep running around hacking/slashing everything. The gameplay is more video game oriented and so on.

That said, I was most excited about BG3 being a true D&D 5e experience because NO ONE has really ever made a true D&D video game that abided by the rules of D&D; at least not very well. I have always wanted a D&D game where they truly took the D&D ruleset and implemented it well into a video game format so I could play D&D as a player, not a DM, and the computer would do all the painful calculations and such for me. So I was really hoping BG3 would be that game, and my disappointment has to do with the fact that it isn't. They are not really implementing the 5e rules very well.

Solasta, on the other hand, has satisfied this for me, but Solasta is in no way as exciting and epic as BG3 seems like it is going to be. I enjoy BG3 so much more than Solasta, not because of the combat and gameplay, but because of the story and characters and dialogue and the replayability and the graphics and the fact that Solasta is more linear while BG3 is more dynamic and open-world. I get a whole different emotional feel for BG3 than Solasta, and I want it to be the best game it can possibly be.

That said, I still hope they do a 5e Core Difficulty Mode or something. I still hope they have something to limit Long Rests because it truly ruins the entire experience and balance of the game to be able to spam Long Rests after every battle. It also just doesn't make sense from a story perspective. They set up all these timed quests, for that's what the story truly does, which is exciting and all, but then they don't follow through with it. Very disappointing!