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If you want to put a better balance to camping and resting a more effective way to do it might it you really wanted to make it not always work out the way you want it might be to have random encounters happen when attempting to return to camp maybe adding several mini encounter maps where a random assortment of npcs may spawn with like a random chance of getting one of those encounters when going to camp. This would give an opportunity for random loot encounters as well but that is just an idea. Not something i could see in early access but it would be a good idea for long version of the game a semi random encounter chance. This could carry over long term in the game to a reasonable value incentive to characters even after the parasite is removed assuming it happens before the end of chapter 2 or along those lines. It could be like a 5% chance of an encounter like that occuring but it would make for an interesting situation where using your short rests and long rests matter more and planning your thoughts on when to do so meaning more. But its just a thought.

Random encounters are a bad idea or they are easy enough that the player is able to deal with them when they are half-alive, which means that they are only a waste of time or are so dangerous that they can easily kill a team that has been badly injured, which further encourages you to rest after each fight .
Of course, it doesn't matter as long as you can do the quick save + quick load combination before each rest and people will end up getting irritated and loading the game until they finally have a rest like in older games.
Random encounters are a really bad idea that will do much more harm than good.

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