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Do you guys actually think that Larian is doing ANY type of mechanic changes that are not authorized by WoTC? That Larian has somehow taken WoTC's intellectual property and just ran with it and are doing whatever they want? How do you know WoTC doesn't ALREADY have a consultant there discussing mechanics? Did it ever cross your mind that MAYBE WOTC is utilizing Solasta as the game for hardcore D&D players, and they want to utilize BG3 as a way to introduce people not familiar, or are not big D&D players into their playerbase?
WotC is probably willing to allow a lot of Larian's home brew if the dumbed down combat is projected to increase video game sales, even if they hate it as much as I do. They know DOS games sold well so probably Larian gets a lot of freedom. And whoever is taking the financial risk with the AAA budget is calling the shots there. We don't really know what their contract is like.

WotC also allowed Sword Coast Legends devs to completely transform 5e into a "video game" format with cooldowns and such. And it was a total disaster even with Dan Tudge, director or Dragon Age Origins, at the helm. The developer closed down after 22 years in the business. So games can fail. Just with D&D video games, the more they stray from the tabletop rules, the more they tend to suck. Hope WotC remember this lesson with BG3.

Solasta, while being mechanically a better game than BG3, doesn't really do it for me because of the low production values. They bit more than they could chew with the cinematic dialogue and close up shots of the 3D modeled characters. Solasta would benefit greatly from remaining isometric like Pillars of Eternity or Pathfinder and leaving the rest up to the players' imagination instead of zooming in to reveal the horrible fake beards and crude cinematics. And I can't get into the story of Solasta, the writing has too many weak links. I'm sorry for the brutal honesty and I still have deep respect and admiration for Tactical Adventures and I really hope they get to make a sequel that improves all these shortcomings.

What I really want is BG3 that plays like Solasta... aka D&D 5e.

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