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I agreed that it would change spellcasters and even some other mechanisms in the game but honestly short rests giving lvl 1 spell slots is very minor given that most of the current lvl 1 spells are either rarely used or never used due to the over importance of lvl 2 spell slots and long rests, not to mention that there are only a handful of strong lvl 1 spells in general and even less in the cantrips, Lvl 2 spells and above are where most of the real damage comes into play and i think it make sense to keep those for the most difficult fights. However if this system is a little to much for most people you could even dial it down a notch or 2 depending on how it affects gameplay, but as i said it is already implemented on Warlocks and some other spells and spellcasters so why couldn’t it be implemented on all spellcasters and spells instead, and give the spells who are unaffected by the change a bit of a different buff or ability to make up for the loss in utility. I personally just think that certain spellcasters lack way to much flexibility and need a buff to allow people to use the underused spells more frequently.

That is something that is basically supposed to be exclusive to warlock, the classes in 5e are fairly balanced to eachother. Warlocks get less spell slots but recharge em easier. Wizards get way more but harder to recharge them. Allowing every class to recharge level 1 spellslots freely would power encroach on the special thing warlocks have and make em all more samey, also it really would push the balance badly. Level 1 spells are fairly strong if one knows how to use them, and in tabletop spells are more important for their utility than their damage sometimes, but looking at just level 1 wizard spells, most any of them are useful, and many are damaging in their own rights. Also this would move a lot farther from 5e when I think moving closer to 5e would actually make the game more balanced and fun.
Also cantrips only feel useless cause we were cut off at 4, cause at level 5 they all get an extra damage die and a cantrip like Eldritch Blast starts to become a powerhouse.