One of my biggest issues with resting right now is just how much the character / story cutscenes are tied to it being at specific moments. I often end up long resting purely out of story purposes rather than having expended my characters. That for me is the biggest obstacle for figuring out long resting. I like the idea of having consequences for not completing certain quests on time, but it's also a real pain to get some of the character's cutscenes when they're tied to specific moments and / or override eachother. I would really like to see no overriding at all of character scenes. If Shadowheart wants to have her moment, why can't Astarion also have his moment? And for a lot of people, Gale's scenes have been a complete enigma to unlock. I dunno how I managed to get all his scenes first playthrough without even trying, but it really shouldn't be such a puzzle for those that want that experience. I'd really like to see some of the things you guys have mentioned, but I'm worried about what kind of problems it would cause with the current implementation of camp cutscenes.