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Larian should have more faith in how well a RAW adaptation would play as a video game. Maybe they should go play some Solasta or Pathfinder.
I think combat is one of the factors holding PK back from reaching bigger sales. I've played it initially on release and there were a lot of complaints on how the stat on enemies don't match pnp and that makes the combat too difficult. I've had the impression the game was actually easier if you never played pnp, because then you'd go in with no expectations.

But while the stat numbers didn't bother me, I've found the enemy ai was just too simplistic. Even BG2, a much older game, tried to do better with its spellcasters. As a result many battles which could have been memorable in PK, just weren't. Certainly nothing amazing.

Honestly, Pathfinder also has one of the lowest completion rates than any other isometric rpg.
Add that plus problems on the statute, I wonder how this will affect the sale of the sequel.
I hope that the situation with PoE2 will not happen again, which was a much better game than PoE1.