What does it matter whether it is WOTC or Larian who is to blame for the ruleset and gameplay being as it is. Both have their names on the game. Therefore, if people are unhappy, both are technically going to receive the blame for it. Therefore, both should be working together to ensure that the game is going to reach the audience that they are targeting.

When writing a story or creating a video game or movie or TV show, you are always supposed to determine first who your target audience is. If you are trying to make everyone happy, then no one will be happy. The fact that they brought in WOTC and that it has been labelled a D&D 5e game means that they targeted D&D fans as their primary audience. The fact that they did not, then, implement the D&D 5e rules more strictly just baffles me. It is like you told everyone, "Lord of the Rings Fans are our audience. We're making a Lord of the Rings Game," but then you actually decided to create a Game of Thrones game. You have SOME elements of Lord of the Rings in your game, but ultimately you made a Game of Thrones game.

This wouldn't be as big of a deal to D&D fans if they had legitimate proof that they had to change the D&D rules in order to fit the game. However, the point of this entire Thread is that the D&D rules that they changed CAN and DO work in a video game, and they CAN and COULD work well in BG3. If Larian implemented the D&D 5e rules more strictly, BG3 would work SO much better because the game would be more balanced. The issue with the game is that right now you are either wiping the floor with all enemies because you have found a cheese rule that lets you do that, OR the enemy is wiping the floor with you because some crazy homebrew rule is allowing them to wail on your characters 2-4 times per round. There is no in between, and it can suddenly switch from going super well for you to super bad for you because of just how imbalanced the game is.

So the only reason I keep going back to the point of this thread and fighting for it is because:

1. They told us it was a D&D 5e game. So it should include MOST if not ALL of the D&D 5e rules with maybe a minor tweak here or there to make it work with BG3. (Example, Long Rests and Short Rest might need to be tweaked a bit to make them work in a video game. Allowing players to long rest anywhere at any time breaks the balance of the game. This is being discussed in a different thread.)
2. Solasta proves that MOST of the D&D 5e rules CAN be implemented in a video game very well, and it balances the game nicely and makes the game work well. Solasta's strongest element is that its combat mechanics and 5e rule implementation are spot on.

After playing Solasta, I can't help but play BG3 and wish they had the same battle mechanics and such. I play Solasta BECAUSE of this. BG3's story is better, it is more diverse and epic and emotional and everything else. The ONLY thing that it truly lacks, in my opinion, is that the battle mechanics are inferior in every way to Solasta's. Between the two, BG3 rules in all but the combat. In combat and ruleset, Solasta is King/Queen.