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So far I've had the most fun with Ranger (Hunter), ... Keeper of the Veil + Beast Tamer is possibly my favorite combo, though Urban Tracker is handy too. Looking forward to lvl 5, when it gets Extra Attack and 2nd lvl spells.

I've played 2 Hunter Rangers. The 1st was right before patch 3. He was a strength based Shield Dwarf + Far Traveler (mods) + Ranger Knight (for heavy armor) + Urban Tracker + Hunter's Mark + Horde Breaker. I took 2 Weapon Fighting style, and used 2 hand axes. Then took the Duel Wield feat, and upgraded to 2 battle axes. I would jump into the middle of mobs and hack away.

My 2nd Ranger went with Keeper of the Veil + Beast Tamer + Colossus Slayer. Everything else I kept the same except I upped his Dex to 14 in character creation. Both were a lot of fun.

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