Like i said before the cantrips are generally useless unless very specific scenarios happen and even then most other spells do the job better, also the affect to prevent healing rarely matters due to the fact that you would have to constantly stay in range of the enemies you want to inflict with that and thats only for 1 turn, most enemies are to aggressive right now to make use of that and even worse yet is the fact that cantrips do very little damage which is a bummer given that the fireball cantrip is so significantly better since you can either affect environmental oil and grease(or poison) or do great damage to most EA enemies (aka its way more versatile in most scenarios). Eldritch blast is great due to damage and optional push back which does even more damage on top of all the modifiers. The identity of the wizard is being able to learn all spell yes but as i said before how effective is a wisdom roll spell on an intelligence wizard? The same is true for any class, and maybe the spells do overlap but thats obviously intended and clearly is studied by both classes, which is also (from what i can tell) part of the lore. Yet nowhere in the lore that I’ve looked at has there been any mention of getting spells back easier being warlock exclusive, and I don’t see how that would hurt the warlock in any meaningful way? They still have multiple spells other classes can’t get at all which make it plenty unique, and it also is partially a conjuring class given the unique familiars and such which make it even more unique! Wizards are imo the least unique with the only ability (albeit powerful) being to learn any spell, but most spells from other classes (unless you build towards it) are generally useless. Wizards also have the huge downside of have the worst health pool of all classes, and literally no proficiency’s which hamper it even further! Its only strength is the ability to cast amazingly strong lvl 2 spells, no not lvl 1 spells as many of them are weak or situational at best (no not all of them but many), and I’m not suggesting that it should be easy to long rest, however you are in the mindset that there needs to be to many conditions to be able to long rest which negatively affects wizards and clerics the worst which are already a difficult class for new players and casuals to enjoy given their obvious limitations, in short only hardcore players can take true advantage of wizards. My suggestion is to either give all spells slots back on short rest yet make them mandatory or give back some spell slots after a short rest if the previous suggestion was a little to much(but the short rests need something to make them enticing other than healing), currently there are so many ways to heal outta combat that short rests are generally useless for me, but I personally don’t think most people (even you guys I suspect) use anything but maybe the same 3 maybe four spells on the wizard which is sad to say the least as the whole shtick of the wizard is best of all worlds but master of none, yet most people can barely take advantage of that and even fewer can effectively pull it off in a super difficult scenario. You guys need to remember that people (admittedly like me) who are new to dnd games and the lore aren’t here to be limited on the flexibility of our spells and in fact would like more awesome spells that they can cast without worrying that they won’t be able to complete an encounter due to spell restrictions and limitations. Hence why I personally love the warlock but dislike playing the wizard (though the other reason is because they are hard targeted by AI). I do agree that there could be some faults with my suggestion and honestly I don’t think its a fix all but imo it is a step that would placate both sides to this debate and would have optional difficulty/realism settings that would go even further to make long rests like dnd 5e. I don’t think that the other suggestions made are bad for all players, but if they were to be forced on casual or new players they probably would stop playing wizard or possibly even the game as it restricts creativity too much. If the suggestions were optional settings (like the loaded die) then i could see it being added without too much fuss, but I don’t see many players here or anywhere really talking about the restrictions being optional.