I do see where your coming from and I understand this game is based off dnd 5e, however most newer players would have a terrible time trying to figure out wizard nuances and perfect positioning. Which is entirely my point, it should be more new player friendly, yet most of the time (especially with me) my wizard, gale, never even last through out the whole fight without constantly micromanaging his position with my warlock protecting him 99% of the time by knocking enemies away when he runs outta spells, and as i said before maybe that will change when new spells and/or subclasses get added but as it currently stands they are more of a liability, especially since concentration ruins a lot of the fun spells that make my melee fighters and warlock happy (lookin at you fog wall).

Also, cantrip wise you kinda of just proved one of my points (and yes i know they are meant to be weaker and they are, that wasn’t my main point). Chill touch has to be constantly spammed to have any affect which is a loss in damage (chill touch is a d8 while firebolt is a d10 with the ability to target surfaces), poison spray you need to be right in their face which is not where most (if not all) wizards should avoid, and ray of frost can make a surface similar to grease but requires water or grease to be there and even then the enemy can just roll a saving die and then you just lost 1/3 of the effect of your spell. Also for reference I didn’t really consider druid a spellcaster class as most of the cantrips are buff based not damage based, which is what I meant by relatively useless in a fight spell wise, but even then firebolt does the most damage behind eldritch blast (which i already admitted was one of the best cantrips along with firebolt) and also creates surfaces that are difficult for enemies to avoid causing 1 d4 of extra damage making it still one of the best cantrips in the game damage wise, while thorn whip is only situationally useful if an enemy is on a ledge. I personally don’t count non-damage cantrips as the most useful because for all intents and purposes damage is usually the way to go unless your setting up an elaborate trap which as i said earlier is done way better by lvl 1 & 2 spells, not to mention that from what I’ve seen most races have dark vision or are mostly built towards melee if they don’t (the exception being humans) making dancing lights useless on most casters that i have played excluding gale/wyll. Conversation buffs are mainly for the face of the party, aka the warlock, and are more useful on the warlock as they already get their spells back from short rests as is.

My final point is that making lvl 1 spells more accessible through short rests whether fully or partially would simply make wizards more fun, however i do concede the fact that making concentration less annoying as a whole would also do wonders, but i still strongly believe that most lvl 1 spells are hampered by the niche areas that they are actually useful in, and even then damage is usually preferable to me given the enemies usually pass the saving throws then proceed to one shot my wizard. I don’t know if thats an intentional thing in the game but I rarely get the enemies saving throws to fail (except on my warlock who is my current favorite). Thats why i would like wizards to have a semblance of the power wielded by warlocks or something possibly to make them more enjoyable and less of a liability (though it is early access so things will probably change). I know your passionate about wizard and you don’t want the balance broken but i hope you understand the frustration (as a newer player) that i have towards the current wizard iteration. It feels one offy and lame to run outta spells after one fight (maybe two if you play your cards right) and then be stuck firebolt spamming till gnolls run home. I would also like to say that some spells are only super powerful due to the option of throwing someone off a cliff but that won’t always be an option and in the later game I suspect that those spell will be used the least if creatures like the bulitte are to be the norm!

As i said my solution probably is just a fantasy for new players and a dread for dnd 5e players, but i think there is a middle ground to be had. As some said and i agree short rest should not be limited (by adding stipulations) at all, even in the table top dnd 5e they aren’t so why would they do that in baldurs gate? However I disagree that long rests need 4 or 5 conditions or stipulations, 1 or optionally 2 would be plenty and most of the suggestions above are great but i would limit it to 1 with the option of more instead of forcing new players to have to deal with the headaches that would inevitably ensue. If this wasn’t the case i would only use melee classes, warlocks and maybe clerics/paladins and forgo all casters who are limited in that sense, and instead heal from the plentiful amounts of food and potions that eventually come my way. I don’t want that though because it would be a repeat of pillars of eternity, and while i loved the world and my character in that game, the wizards were the worst thing I’ve ever seen in a video game since skyrim (after the neutering of the spell system from oblivion).

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