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I also think, this is a missed opportunity of an interesting quest involving freeing those drow and talking to them after the spectator is killed by your party. Like that it's just another mob battle.
Nevertheless it would be reasonable that those drow act hostile to you, since they were about to attack the Selunite Temple, when they were turned into stone. Since your party is full of overworld beings most likely including your own character, the drow would think you belong to the Selunites and were sent here to repell the attack. Anyway some talking with the drow and different options, how to manage that encounter would be very much appreciated.

But they attack not because of this, but because of Beholder "charm" , which does not off even after his death. I really hope there is a dialogue, it's just not ready yet.

I see your point and I'm with you. Drows are complex beings and shouldn't be wasted as another monster mob battle. There should be different approaches to this encounter and some talking with the drow once they are free from the spectator's charm. It would be very much interesting talking to them, since they were imprisoned in stone for centuries, while attacking the temple and don't know that the Selunite defenders of this temple are long gone and that this temple was defiled by Goblins recently. Still they would consider the main character and his party as Selunite defenders at first, because they don't know that centuries have passed. For them it's just seconds. Maybe they even don't know, that they were turned into stone. Anyway that would lead to very interesting dialogues. I hope Larian will improve this encounter in the future. Using Drows from another century as just another mob battle is a big waste in my opninion.

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