Yeah, unfortunately when a person is used to video games where wizards don't have many limits, playing a wizard in D&D is a bit of a learning curve.

But honestly, it is the most tactical class in the game. You have to play your wizard wisely. It is vitally important to the entire game that wizards be sufficiently limited. If they aren't, im telling you backstab nerfs and high ground nerfs will seem like child's play to a wizard at higher levels who is always able to cast all their spells every battle, and trust me based on experience, the game becomes real boring when wizards aren't limited.

You have to get used to buying and using scrolls, potions, etc. That is the WHOLE point of those items. Wizards are the ONLY class who are supposed to be able to use mage scrolls and clerics are the only ones who can use cleric scrolls (some exceptions apply like Druid, Eldritch, Warlocks). Their purpose is to give spellcasters more spells then their slots allow. Long rests are NOT supposed to be used so much to recover slots so that you will use scrolls as a supplement.

So again, they HAVE to limit long rests not only for story but also to give value to scrolls, potions, etc. I know you might not like it, but the whole game is ruined, literally, if they don't.