I agree there needs to be some restrictions to long resting as overpowering everything isn’t even remotely fun, i say this as a dark souls veteran, but I don’t think 4 or 5 restrictions that are non optional is a good idea as it would bend the pendulum way too far in the other direction. However 1 or maybe 2 (with this one being optional) wouldn’t be so bad and might even make some of the game more fun story wise and immersion wise, but i do think there needs to be an incentive to short rests as well. As inexperienced as i am i do think maybe a couple lvl 1 spell slots would be okay, though i would prefer all of them, and I personally think healing through food and short rests could be toned down slightly to compensate for such a buff. Or maybe there could be an entirely different buff to them like a well rested bonus to charisma checks and saving throws for awhile (I’m not sure how long as it could be OP if its too long). This would be cool too and would also help wizards defensively and possibly make other classes less annoying to use in conversations with charisma checks without the need of spells, indirectly making spellcaster who don’t wanna waste spell slots have multiple options. Idk though honestly, those are just my thoughts and i hope the game turns out to be more fun in the late game with wizards, even now i use gale trying to figure out how to keep him alive without putting him 5 miles away from the fight, and i have no doubt that my favorite class (Drow Warlock) is gonna be even stronger come the full release and I can’t wait!