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But they attack not because of this, but because of Beholder "charm" , which does not off even after his death. I really hope there is a dialogue, it's just not ready yet.
Feel free to corect me, since i do not know DnD so good as some other settings ...
But i cant help that, at least for some (especialy surface) races, that dialogue should be "Die! Lowborn scum!" ... and for other type of Drow (since i didnt really check their eyes, but i dare to presume they are Llolthsworn) it should be "Die! Filthy Heretic!". laugh

Or they might think we're reinforcements ?? If we are other Drow. Also, do not forget Drow can take you into slavery, and not just kill you. My opinion is that even if there is always going to be a fight, there still should be a dialogue.

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