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I am 100% against origin characters in their current form, it feels completely against what BG is and they are without a doubt made to be superior to the custom character that we can create as they have access to everything custom characters do plus their own origin character stuff, it feels incredibly on its head, basically forcing people to play as origin characters to experience all the game has to offer, making custom characters feel inferior. I would also love to see them just being scrapped as playable, instead give the resources to the PC character or even more towards them as companions.

Many companions in BG1 and 2 were similar by having special stuff only they have. Ignoring EE edition with Dorn and Hexxat, Eldoth produces infinite poisoned arrows, Tiax can summon a ghast for free and believed himself ready to ascend, Alora had a lucky rabbits foot, Viconia was a drow who worshiped Shar, so on and so forth. Many companions had strange stuff. The issue right now is the scale of it and how soon we are privvy to it. It is very possible everyone was abducted BECAUSE of how special they were, but essentially by level 4 the warlock is the most normal party member.