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I like how it is now with no restrictions. smile They can balance it so that nothing is too OP without adding restrictions.

Yeah I am with you. Personally, I think the QR system is fine. I am not a fan of any artificial limitations to how you play a single player game. I am perfectly fine with a game being 'Based" off of 5e and not meeting every little rule. I am ok with the idea of separating companion convos from camp, but not with telling me when I can pop to camp to either save for the evening, or rest to open my abilities again. Not to mention, I think they should make this game to cater to the widest possible audience, I am sure there will be mods within the first week out there for the hardcore D&D enthusiasts.

This thread is not talking about "a little rule" lol.
Long and short rests are the base of the entire game's action economy (spellslots, features recovery and so on).

The system is broken without a consistent resting mechanic and when we'll have a decent number of spellslot (and powerfull spells/features,...) at higher level, it's nearly gonna be like playing DoS without any cooldown^^

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