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I would say that since they are still developing it, most probably a lot of people like this system.
Even if you think it is a waste of resources, it doesn't mean that everyone thinks it is. For each person a different aspect of the game will be more important.

What I meant was, it's pretty clear where Larian spent a huge chunk of their resources on. It's like Larian has no concept of balance and how to manage it. They went all in on origin characters and then some. In the process, they neglected other parts of the game. The game itself took the DOS core system and tacked on 5e. It shows in the product. And it's almost insulting to the customer base by explaining they tried to implement the 5e ruleset when it shows they didn't.

I honestly think BG3 didn't need so many origin characters. It used a lot of their time to refine and polish that aspect of the game. But you can see it in the game how much Larian puts effort into them. They are well done, even if I personally don't like the characters personalities or backstory.

I'm sure for people who like origin characters, if they were implemented half-heartedly, they'd complain especially if they saw how other aspects of the game were far better polished and constructed.