Personally I have no interest in it at all...I do not understand the appeal of playing as someone else's concept for a character in a BG game, which have always been about creating and roleplaying your own characters. In my opinion this mechanic is another import from DOS that BG3 could frankly do without.

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Just as dev time was spent on Gorion, Sarevok, Khalid and Jaheira, etc. We can jump some franchises if you like? What about the dev time spent on Leleina, or Morrigan in DA? Ashley and Kaiden in ME? Garrus? How much time do you think went into creating those characters, even though we don't play as them?

I get that "but it's DOS 3" is in vogue, but claiming "It's DOS 3 because they developed potential companions" sort of rings hollow.

Whilst it's true that development time clearly went into the realisation of companions in previous games of this ilk, we never got to play as them and control their responses in dialogue, etc. By implementing the Origins system, Larian have enabled the player to play as one of several characters, not just the main protagonist. So all of a sudden you are having to create dialogue options for several playable characters, not just one. I assume, admittedly in ignorance, that this would take up more development time than for a simple recruitable companion?

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