Thank you, OP, for saying it.

I remember a session where we were fighting enemies with high AC. I worked out for myself that, with a +8 to hit, my chance of hitting it was 60%. I didn't know their ability scores, as I new to the game and had never seen these creatures before (ropers), but I noticed that they were big and slow. I figured they had low dex scores, so I went with spells that forced dex saving throws instead. Turns out, I was right, and I felt good. Praise god.

No one will ever have that experience in BG3. I just cycle through spells, aiming each one at the enemy I want to hit, and pick the one most likely to land. There's no surprise, no learning about my enemy in the thick of battle. It's spoiled. It's stupid. It's wrong. Woe to us, the consumer.

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